When Grads Go Good: Millennials And Socially Responsible Careers

Are Millennials still interested in non-profit work following the latest recession? For new grads entering their first job and for current students thinking about what they want their first job to be, I wondered how students in the post-recession job search climate would favor different career paths: following a traditional career arc in corporate America, … Continue reading

Sketch, Script, and Slide: Making the MVP Demo Video

By the end of my first week with Wednesdays.com, I helped put together a 1 minute demo video that would be on every individual group’s landing page. It may not be super fancy, but it definitely does the trick if you’re pressed for time and it is more way likely to be seen than an … Continue reading

How Learning Freestyling Helped Me Rock My Marketing Talk

Yesterday, while in a tacky souvenir shop in New York City, my friend pointed out a quote on a magnet and said, “this is so you.” It was: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Neale Donald Walsch I’d like to share with you a story of my personal growth and exploration of … Continue reading

How to Get a Job 2.0 – Five Steps for Building Your Personal Brand

As you know, I’m passionate about personal branding. Last week, I shared some of my advice with USA Today College blog readers and contributed a brief piece outlining some basic first steps for building a personal brand. Here it is: Facebook, Twitter, and the various other social media accounts we use today for leisure are … Continue reading

Get Schooled: Twitter 101

As a student who loves to inspire a love of learning in others, I tutor kids in math and languages. Lately, I’m also tutoring people in Twitter! :D Tracy Lee, Founder/CEO of Battledish and one of my mentors, asked me to “teach someone Twitter”, so I compiled some tutorials I found online. If you’re new … Continue reading


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