People Who Say “Branding Is Important” Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

RTR Infographic

As a designer, I’m always explaining to clients that branding is important. One of my professors said in office hours the other day, “Those people who are always talking about how important branding is don’t know what they’re talking about. They take the ‘branding is important’ mantra as a given, but they never bother to … Continue reading

Bad Aid, Privilege and Doing Good to Feel Good


I used to like Teach for America. It sounded so promising, so good. And if you think about it, so do a lot of other programs that send privileged kids off to be great “helpers”. In fact, many of these forms of bad aid are rooted in paternalism, often because the people who lead them … Continue reading

Robot Ants and Bollywood Dance

[tweetmeme] So I’m done with my first semester of college, and I figured it was about time to dish. Here goes! ON CLASSES: This semester I was taking my first year seminar Evolution and the Intellectual Revolution, Intro Economics, Intro Computer Science, and Chinese. I like the balance of my coursework; it’s a fair balance … Continue reading

Contribute to What’s Next!

[tweetmeme] A while ago, I talked about a project I was starting up: What’s Next: Big Ideas from 25 Gen-Yers Under 25, an e-book with 25 under 25 changemakers and their visions for the future. I am proud to announce that we are now open for submissions! Learn more at and contribute at here … Continue reading